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RAND's Pittsburgh center is located in North Oakland as well as the long time RIDC business incubator on Henry Street.North Oakland is also home to the Schenley Farms Historic District and many mid-rise condominium and apartment buildings.Many of its homes are historic masonry structures dating from the turn of the century.The area is sometimes mistakenly called South Oakland.South Oakland runs along the Monongahela River and forms a triangular shape between the Monongahela River, the Boulevard of the Allies, and the western bank of Junction Hollow.Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC and the Pittsburgh Technology Center are major landmarks of this neighborhood.

Some residents of Central Oakland think of their neighborhood as being part of South Oakland.

The neighborhood is split between a riverfront flood plain to the southwest and a plateau to the northeast.

The plateau is divided into two primarily residential areas which are separated from one another by Bates Street, which runs up a valley from the flood plain to the plateau.

North Oakland can be loosely defined as the area of Oakland between Neville and Bouquet Streets, encompassing all of Craig Street and running north to Polish Hill.

The Cathedral of Learning, the engineering or midsection of the University of Pittsburgh campus, and the Craig Street business district are in North Oakland.