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“Luthors” made up for lost time by focusing squarely on the troubled relationship between mother and daughter and the question of whether a Luthor can ever truly be trusted.

Along the way, we even got a brief but intriguing glimpse at Lena’s childhood.

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Personally, I’m a fan of the Luthor family back-story that paints Lex as a self-made man rising above humble origins and an abusive father, but this take worked in terms of casting Lena as the outsider.

The flashback, coupled with Lillian’s revelations about Lena’s parentage, helped illuminate where Lena is coming from and why she has such a frosty relationship with her mother.

fans thought Meredith and Derek were an endgame couple.

But real life got in the way, frustratingly, and that ship sunk.

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