Dating for men with long hair

Asian men have had the market on long braided pony tails since Kung-Fu flicks.

Though you can usually catch a well groomed man on my arm I do hold a place in my peripheral for those who forgo clippers in favor of a more unabashed look.

The sheer amount of man buns around have proven that this twisted knot isn’t just a phase or a passing trend, it’s definitely here to stay and it’s fast become a staple of a stylish guy.

The man bun gets better because it’s not just one set hair style, there are multiple ways to rock it.

Slash of Guns and Roses is one of my original long haired boy crushes.

That with the top hat and bad boy swagger and I’m totally in favor of his entire existence. Not only does he have waist length auburn dreads, he’s single and talented and down to Earth.