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Here is what I wrote about that incident shortly after it happened.We hadn't been blogging long, so most of our readers were not around way back then. " She explained that earlier in the week her Bible teacher was covering the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden.During this time the congregation grew from 44 to 4,000 members.In 1959, Hyles moved to the church provided parsonage at 8232 Greenwood ave.

When he arrived, the church had a membership of about seven hundred, said to be mostly "high-society types." About a third of the members left the church after hearing Hyles' preaching style, which was much different than that to which they had been accustomed.The note stated the following: Dear Ladies, The guys in the "man-cave" would like to give our sincerest apologies in concordance to the events which took place on the day before today.We hope you were not too hurt emotionally and we would like to inquire for unreserved clemency.Is the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church Any Different from the Southern Baptist Convention and Sovereign Grace Ministries?We will continue to follow this debacle and weigh in on this very serious matter.