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But less than a minute after the truck stops, the driver steps out and fires a handgun while walking toward police before he is shot down in a hail of gunfire from five officers. 'Dash camera footage shows an officer who had been crouching with his gun drawn behind an open car door being shot and falling backward as gunfire shatters the window.He rolls on the ground and crawls to safety behind the patrol car.The five officers fired 36 rounds, hitting Arnold 14 times. Arnold was wanted in the September 1 killings of Erica Wallace and her 17-year-old daughter, Kiara La Salle.He was suspected of shooting the two victims and attempting to burn their bodies, which were found in the bathtub by a fire crew that responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at the house.Ben Adler updates on the California Senate hiring attorneys to handle harassment allegations.Jonathan Ayestas shares his Hurricane Katrina story.Police said the driver fired six times, hitting one officer in the leg and another in his bullet-proof vest.

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She struggled to communicate to her family what had happened, and initially, even though DNA evidence confirmed the rape, investigators were not able to link it to any known suspects, prosecutors said.Sabrina Rodriguez, who presents for Fox 40 in Sacramento, California, was shooting a teaser for a report on the Lodi Grape Festival on September 12 when the cheeky monkey seized his chance and clamped his paw on her right breast."Those are canines on that baby. Tom Cruise did a scene where he was actually talking to the baboon — it’s not currently in the movie — and he had his face really, really close. Sac Bee reporter Ryan Lillis updates on the city's bid for an MLS franchise. Stockton Record's Michael Fitzgerald on how the San Joaquin County Sheriff may have interfered with Medical Examiner investigations.Politi Fact California checks Nancy Pelosi's tax bill comment. Ben Adler details allegations made against California Asm. Poet Gary Snyder joins the California Hall of Fame. Trans-Siberian Orchestra founder Mark Wood performs with a high school in Davis.