Dating service for beautiful people

The big news was broken on Twitter where Troy Hunt who is the operator of the Have IBeen made a public announcement stating that due to the insecure Mango DB test server left unguardedly open, without an admin password, millions of clients’ data was leaked and exposed on the Dark Web where their personal details are being traded.The details of the leaked customer accounts have been on display on Hunt’s service website, all those registered with Beautiful can check out the Hunt’s service and search for their email address and find out if their details are lying there after the big leak.Update: In an emailed statement, a Beautiful People spokesperson says: "The breach involves data that was provided by members prior to mid July 2015.No more recent user data or any data relating to users who joined from mid July 2015 onward is affected," and adds that all impacted members are being notified, as they were when the vulnerability was originally reported in December.

"The potential issue is a result of how a user might configure their deployment without security enabled," says Mongo DB VP of Strategy Kelly Stirman.“A trained monkey could have protected [this database],” says Vickery, with a more blunt assessment. It’s an incredible oversight, it’s massive negligence, but it happens more often than you think.”Whatever you may think of a site like Beautiful People, the insecurities that prop it up shouldn't extend to its stash of sensitive data.However, Beautiful People tried to explain but their explanation does not hold weight.As Hunt also threw some light on the issue that he suspects some hacker found the database, downloaded it and put it up for sale on some secretive data trading forum.In terms of scale, it’s nowhere near as bad as last year’s 39 million-member Ashley Madison hack.The information that’s leaked also isn’t quite as devastating as being outed as an active adulterer, and Beautiful People says no passwords or financial data were exposed.