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However, as I consider the concept, I recognize its influence in many aspects of my life–especially relationships.

When a guy is nice and charming, do we assume he’s also trustworthy and respectful?

That’d take a lot of work and require a professional to uncover the whys.

I do believe managing trigger moments is imperative.

So what’s the problem with thinking favorably of someone you recently met?

Well, in the world of dating there’s more at stake than buying the wrong detergent.

They’ll taint every thought, interaction and disagreement.

Ao A - Admin or Advice - das ist unser Slogan und bedeutet, dass wir für Sie in ... Disclaimer: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Making a snap decision based on limited experience means possibly granting our trust and allowing loyalty to people we don’t actually know.Although it requires more time and effort, I’m again reminded that people should earn their place in your head, heart and bed because the only thing a good-looking person may have to offer is just that- .When a woman is attractive and successful, do we assume she’s intelligent and open-minded? Everyday we make assumptions about people based on very limited interaction (see last week’s post on the Assumption Conundrum) because cognitive biases are how our brains process so much information in such limited time.Yes, our brains tell us we should trust the nice stranger and be vulnerable with the attractive woman.