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But beyond that, Glitch insists it’s a secret how his system matches up people.He does say, however, Sci-Fi Speed Dating is more specialized than generalized speed dating.“You could be a free-spirited flower child stuck in a room with 50 lawyers,” he said.” RALLY IN DOWNTOWN BEND FOR TOWN HALL IN BEND WITH REPRESENTATIVE GREG WALDEN For the fifth consecutive Tuesday, local congressional advocacy groups will hold a rally in Downtown Bend at the corner of Greenwood & Bond, near Representative Walden’s Bend office on Bond Street.Last week was the first time that we were met with an organized counter-protest which appeared to be organized at the behest of Walden’s staff.His name, picture, and stunning historical irrelevance strode atop my own, an even crueler reminder of the ill-advised marriage.He should have been an asterisk in the annals of history. Nothing more to say on that." Instead, my biography read, "Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone -- she loved her husband, Gaius, above all else." You're not expected to always agree, but do please keep cool and never make it personal.At the end of the session, each person marks down the people they’ve clicked with using their seat numbers.

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He knows how to talk to people -- anyone -- because he's a great listener. Every woman in the army could fall for his aloofness, his fondness of food, and the way you can tell him anything. You know that they'd be vacationing in Spain into their 70s, dancing, as in love as they were during these hellish wartimes. That it's not instead of rolling Basch/Balthier/Fran/Ashe). But the thing about morals is that having them is hard.

Must have good sense of humour, be OK with PDAs and have access to lightsabers.

This isn’t your usual laundry list of things to look for on a first date, but for these 18 women and 27 guys, it was conversation that fit right at home.

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