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That I finally am going to see the rewards of all I have worked so hard for.

The New Year will bring good things for me and I am ready to face the world.

Sincerely, To whom it may concern, I Piedad would like to thank the OAAG for the grant that was awarded to me. Keep up the good work in helping people in the time of need.

This will help me to get some dental work I needed to get done for a long time. Sincerely, To Whom It May Concern I, Ramon Carazco would like to start off by thanking the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants for giving me the biggest gift of all, a smile.

Since then I've had some challenges with chewing and have been self-conscious about my smile.This not only will help me move forward with all my future endeavours but pursue my life long goals and dreams with much confidence.Having the perfect smile to me is to foresee a future of knowing that everything I set my mind to can be achieved.Your recent support means you understand just how important this is to me.You have helped me made my smile and this world a brighter place.