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Org Letters and Responses An Open Letter from Norm Phelps to the Dalai Lama - An Open Letter to the Dalai Lama June 15, 2007 The Dalai Lama Thekchen Choeling P. I have been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist for more than twenty years.

By way of introduction, or actually re-introduction, I am the author of The Great Compassion: Buddhism and Animal Rights, a copy of which I sent you soon after it came out in 2004, and an additional copy of which I am enclosing with the hard copy of this letter.

During this visit you reportedly spoke in support of a compassionate vegetarian diet while admitting that you eat meat occasionally for the sake of your health.

It is hard to understand how eating meat occasionally could benefit your health.

The world sees you as the living embodiment of the Buddhadharma, and even those who are not Buddhist see you as a great moral leader. The letter above is an example for a fanatic measuring others for his standards of fanaticisms.

You may also recall that in November 1998 you generously granted me a private audience in Washington, D. for the purpose of discussing a vegetarian diet as Buddhist practice.In that way, you contribute to the killing of the forty-eight billion land animals and uncounted billions of aquatic animals who are slaughtered every year for food. As an ideology of compassion it is not holding water. That point taken, some people do need to consume fat and protein from animal to sustain their life, especially raw flesh. Hey mate, This isnt about the vegan vs meat eating debate. if he continued to preach strict vegetarianism, you might have a point.After more than two decades of waiting for you to bring your personal regime into line with your public pronouncementsand the clear teachings of the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni in the Mahayana Scriptures I have reluctantly concluded that you do, in fact, speak in soothing platitudes to people like me while continuing to eat the flesh of murdered mother beings, and that you have no intention of changing. But after twenty years, I can no longer pretend that everything is fine while I wait for you to walk the walk Sincerely yours, /s/ Norm Phelps [email protected] Box 776 Funkstown, MD 21734, USA cc: Office of Tibet, New York Hey mate, Thats religion... Im yet to see a religious leader that is not a hypocrite. The letter above is an example for a fanatic measuring others for his standards of fanaticisms. This is about the Dalai Lama himself not following the teachings of Buddhism, not following his own teachings... Pick any religious leader, investigate him, and youll see the contradictions... Religion itself is a big contradiction, in my opinion. Ps: This doesnt invalidate the teachings of Buddhism, of course, which are mostly very nice. but he's quite vocal about eating meat, not just "occasionally", but usually 2 times a week. he had several health issues, one being hepatitis, and under instructions from his doctor began consuming meat.According to the article, the food served included veal roast, stuffed pheasant breast, and soup made with chicken stock.The chef told the reporter that you chowed down on everything you were served, including the veal.