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The phenomenon of foreign fighters is not a new one, but as fighting in Syria continues, the number of extremists travelling to take part in the conflict is rising.And as the number of European foreign fighters rises, so does the threat to our security.Traditional law enforcement techniques are insufficient to deal with the evolving trends in radicalisation, and so a broader approach is required to prevent and counter radicalisation.This broader approach responding to trends in radicalisation must engage the whole of society.Such attacks cause more than loss of life and economic damage; they can sow the seeds of division between communities in Europe, giving rise to increasingly reactionary and extremist views in other parts of society.This contributes to a breeding ground for extremism, perpetuating a vicious circle of radicalisation, aggression, and violent responses.They plan attacks with limited or no direction from an organisation, making prevention even more difficult.Many terrorists planning attacks on European soil are themselves Europeans.

They are spreading their propaganda more widely, more rapidly, and more effectively.Firstly, terrorism in Europe now finds its inspiration in a larger variety of ideologies, as illustrated by the 2013 Europol TE-Sat report.These include nationalist and separatist ideologies, those inspired by Al Qaida, violent left-wing, anarchist, and right-wing ideologies.Our Watch welcomes partnership and sponsorship opportunities with organisations that share our vision of an Australian community free from violence against women and their children.If you would like to discuss these matters, please contact us. We do not provide emergency assistance or support services to people who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing domestic and family violence and/or sexual assault.