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_______________________________________________________________________________ Gallery Sink is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings and watercolors by Ann White.

The work represents a sampling of fifty years of a quiet yet prolific Colorado painter.

Dan, a long time New Yorker traveled to the South Pole multiple times in the late nineties to make images of icebergs. One they are very simple yet very powerful images, overwhelming in size and the color field of all blue in the ice and water, they are very meditative and endless in design and texture" .

They also raise conciseness to environmental concerns.

Text as photograph raises questions about the human thought process, categorization of data, visual language processing, and cultural conditioning.

With this topic I have assembled a group of artists that use words through the photographic process in their work.

Gremillion is also represented in sixteen museum collections including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and The High Museum of Art, Atlanta.Dan has recently shown this work at the Paula Cooper Gallery in NY and most recently in Venice Italy. Their landscape work is at the opposite end of the spectrum from that of Ansel Adams. All of this work shares a concern for the land: what it's about, what it's becoming, what has been lost.What is revealed is the uneasy relationship which exists between the land and its inhabitants."Kimberly Gremillion reveals a heretofore unseen circus.The strange world she creates is one where positive and negative space seem reversed, where a horse is its mane, a woman her muscles, a tiger its stripes." - Aperture Magazine "Kimberly Gremillion appreciates the spectral and the spectacle.