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Focus on texting It’s up to you how you spend your time. Tomorrow morning, go to the nearest mall, and approach one woman. A confident, well educated woman with a bright future, Lisa worries more about the security of her car in this terrible neighborhood than her own safety.This is a family reassigned to Lisa's supervision due to child neglect - a 38-year-old single mother with three children.Like her other love notes to Doug, this one will be scented with her best perfume and sealed with a lipstick imprint of her kiss.

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Don’t be angry, sending lame messages like, “Why won’t you text me back? More beautiful than she realizes, Lisa stands a medium height with a petite figure, the result of regular exercise and healthy diet.She sports firm, C-cup breasts, a cute, round butt, and soft, brunette hair reaching slightly past her shoulders.Like many young people, Lisa has plans for the future and wants to make a positive difference in the world. She is medium build -- not fat but definitely thick and muscular.Shaquanda drapes herself in expensive gold jewelry: rings on several fingers and thick chain necklaces.