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If true, disables IP_MULTICAST_LOOP on the Multicast Socket (for sending and receiving of multicast packets).

This flag will be removed in a future version when batching has been implemented by all protocols Use "external_addr" if you have hosts on different networks, behind firewalls. Valid values are "pcl": "p": includes the thread name, e.g.

It sends the same message to the first member, to the second member, and so on (excluding itself as the message is looped back internally).

This is slow, as the cost of sending a group message is O(n) with TCP, where it is O(1) with UDP.

Instead of using a multicast bus, the cluster members create a mesh of TCP connections.

For example, while UDP sends 1 IP multicast packet when sending a message to a cluster of 10 members, TCP needs to send the message 9 times.