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And apparently, I wasn’t the only single woman starting to feel a little fed up.

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“We went out a couple times and he was great, and the sex was incredible and intense.

It was exactly the mix of stability and flexibility I craved in my mid-20s, and with Matt and the handful of paired-but-open men I dated in the years following, I got it.

Somewhere around 30, though, I found myself at an unexpected tipping point: Dating apps had begun to feel so full of already-attached men that their presence became annoying, so much so that I added a disclaimer to my profiles asking poly men to direct their efforts elsewhere.

Like, let the alone people have something.” He estimated that about half the men he encounters are already in a relationship of some sort, and while the estimates were much lower for the women I surveyed, they all reported a big jump in the past few years.

On the other end of the equation, nonmonogamous men have begun to sense single women’s growing frustration.