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“Today’s announcement of a firm date by which they will leave the whole site is a very helpful step on that way.“We now have six years to work together to make sure that, from the moment the base closes in 2023, we can put it to best use.“Here in Mildenhall there are so many questions but no real answers.There is still the slim chance the USAF decide to stay.It means women can now apply for any RAF role - including fighter pilot.Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon had previously hailed the move as a 'defining moment' for Britain's armed forces.“Now let�s work together to achieve an economic legacy for the site that we can all be proud of.” Mildenhall Parish Council chairman Dr Richard Greenfield said “big questions” still remained, with the uncertainty about who would have the money to take on the base site and how it would be developed.Despite the determination from Forest Heath and Mr Hancock, he said “mothballing” seemed the most concerning but likely prospect.

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He told the BBC: 'My concern is primarily in terms of physical capabilities and the effects that long-term stresses and strains of infantry training and operations will have on a woman's body.Nice.'Gumdrops75 typed: 'Wow, Colonel Richard Kemp is a true definition of sexism personified.' Dr Anita Mitra commented: 'Richard Kemp, where is your evidence? A 17-year-old study, by Queen's University, Ontario, found men had around 26lbs more muscle mass on average.The Journal of Applied Physiology research also displayed women had 40 per cent less upper-body strength and 33 per cent less lower-body strength.Research has also previously found that women are twice as likely to suffer musculoskeletal injuries during initial army training.In terms of speed, the woman's world record holder for the 100m sprint would not even qualify to compete against men.