Religious adult roleplay chat

You may already experience arousal at the thought of it, and you may have gotten into the habit of needing to imagine or role-play a certain scenario as part of achieving orgasm. How can you let go of the fantasy’s power over you? Know what you will picture instead of this fantasy next time it pops into your head.

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Make-believe is fun as a child—but what about when you’re grown up and married? (This article gives a good Biblical overview of how to determine what is okay in the marriage bed.) Whether the fantasy is yours or your husbands, seek God’s Word together to determine if the fantasy is sinful. If we aren’t careful, fantasy can begin to take over to the point where that fantasy is required in order to experience arousal or achieve orgasm.

If you and your husband have determined that acting out a particular fantasy is not sinful, then have a great time!

Enjoy the experience of doing something new together.

So let’s say that you and your husband determine that it is not sinful to act out a particular fantasy. This is especially important if the fantasy would be sinful to actually do.

If you have determined that a fantasy is sinful or just not a good idea for you, what can you do? We might hate the fact that we aroused by the thought of something, but we can’t easily stop the arousal.