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This would be bad news if the use of online technology played a small part in sales today but the reality is that selling using remote meeting software is now the weapon of choice in many sectors.One statistic from the US states that 80% of corporate presentations are now delivered remotely.We needed to ‘connect’ with the audience as early in the sales process as possible, for the simple reason that the trust needed for a prospect to sign on the dotted line would never materialize if there was no warmth or engagement between both parties.Obviously, the sales process went deeper than merely getting along with the prospect.Most times, this is a force for good but on occasion, the tail can end up wagging the dog.

Rapport Valuable Content = Trust = Better Chance of Closing the Deal Things have moved on since the days of the analogue presenter and technology seems to play an increasingly important part in the sales process.The reality is that if you’re presenting, you’re selling.Now, it may be that you are selling an idea to a colleague, promoting a new process within your team or sharing results.As a result, a scary number of Sales Enablement initiatives fail to deliver a Return on Investment for this simple reason – they’ve forgotten the basics.Don’t let Remote Presentations Suffer the same Fate.