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Monique Fuentes – Mega Pack Monique Fuentes was born in Colombia on July 29, 1975.

She has worked for such large adult companies as Naughty America, Brazzers and New Sensations.

When Stan tries to remove his young nemesis, Wendy charges him with breaking the pool rules and he is put in "pool jail." As he begs for his release, Dipper arrives at the site and tells Wendy that he will be his assistant, and the two gleefully run off to "abuse their power," despite Dipper's initial worries that Poolcheck may catch them.

Back in the jail, Stan engages in conversation with the inmates.

However, Poolcheck also describes the pool as highly unruly and asks Dipper if he thinks he can handle it.

After seeing Wendy, he replies that he thinks he can, and Mr. Stan goes on to show Soos what he views as the perfect lawn chair, due to it being "equidistant from the snack bar and the bathroom, with just the right amount of sun and shade, and pointed away from where Old Man Mc Gucket lotions himself." As he proceeds to sit down on it, he finds that Gideon Gleeful already has, solely due to the purpose of antagonizing Stan.