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The pelvic floor is a group of muscles at the base of the pelvis that help control sexual, urinary and bowel function.These muscles, namely the puborectalis, levator ani and coccyxgeus must relax and contract properly to maintain urinary and fecal continence, sexual function and proper voiding habits.He is not the first politician to do this, but that is not an excuse. Christie’s harshest words are for the public workers’ unions, and while it is easy to find things to criticize within those organizations, it damages the negotiations regarding salaries, benefits and pensions.And it contributes to a negative and nasty climate.

His opponents won a defamation suit against him (the amount of money that Christie paid out was never disclosed). 2) Christie raised 0,000 for Bush in 2000 and was named the US Attorney for NJ as his reward.This was one of the major reasons that the Romney campaign decided to pass on Christie for VP in 2012.To learn more about Todd Christie, his financial problems, and his brother’s help, click here.But he went after corrupt politicians that were weak, while giving strong ones that might help him later a pass. 3) Todd Christie, the Governor’s brother, was part of a trading firm that was accused of taking advantage of its own clients.Many of the traders were indicted, but Todd Christie was not. There has been a great amount of speculation that Chris Christie made a deal to spare his brother.