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We hiked in Yolin Am, a beautiful canyon in the Gobi which is also an ice valley, and which hosts a huge glacier all year round.

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Today was the day we were supposed to get to our first ger camp but after approximately 30 kilometres we encountered a huge ditch of water on the road resulting in us having to drain the water by hand and build a road and a dam for most of the afternoon to help us get across.

On the road it can take hours of driving before you pass a small ger community, a Mongolian on horseback or another vehicle and in between you are blessed with the most stunning views of a country so untouched that you know you’ve reached the true heart of it.

If you want to get off the beaten track, then you will love Mongolia.

Kilometres travelled 2492Number of major truck boggings 2Number of minor truck boggings 12Number of awesome driving days 15 Mongolia is a land of extremes, both in landscape – from its vast desert lands and rolling sand dunes to its lush green mountainous national parks – and in its lack of infrastructure, where you become just as frustrated as you do indulgent by the country’s areas of extreme isolation.

Outside of its ugly sprawling capital, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia exists with very basic facilities, but that’s what makes it beautiful.