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My favorite dish in the restaurant was the baked ziti. When we got too big to go there anymore then they took us to Adventureland. For several years, when I would start getting a cold, or feeling sick, I would test myself to see how ill I was.

I would think, "Could I eat Musicaro's spaghetti right now?

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At the beach club, I was taken out by the undertow, and saved by a young couple on the beach. When I was little it was really scary as I had to lean so far over to reach the wooden arm that dispensed the rings. It's been over 20 years or so, but I will never forget Massapequa. It was so good and I remember my brother's looking in the parking lot for my Mom for receipts that people would throw away. I played the cello at Hawthorn from fourth grade till six grade. 😀 I went to St Rose of Lima for first through eighth grade even though I can see Hawthorne from my front stoop. The Candy Store in that shopping center represented a special treat because being there meant my parents didn't know we had strayed so far away.I catch up with old friends and family, and one thing is for sure: my Long Island accent will always stay with me. I’m 64 years old and I can remember when I was in Miss Curtain’s kindergarten class, smelling Miss Johnson’s perfume long before I’d see her coming down the hall. Loved the trips to sing in orphanages, nursing homes and the mall! Also, the best part of going to "All American", was the rumbling of the whole potatoes, as they rolled down the steel tracks above the counter, falling into the potato slicer, and then into the fryer.And I am proud of it because where I live now, everyone knows I am from up north... Even Massapequa has a lot of famous men and women, like Steve Guttenberg and Jerry Seinfeld... I could also hear her coming because she always wore the kind of dress that made a wooosh sound when she walked down the hall. In Harbor Green, there was always a roaming gang of wild kids playing on the streets, running through neighbor's backyards, playing at construction sites; and having fun on the beach.So that is something to talk about around the water cooler here where I live. On Riviera Drive, there was always a group of kids playing outside. She enjoyed the stories about my personal rebellion against authority figures at the school.