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The country also participates in UN peacekeeping missions.

Recently, the Indian Ocean nation was asked to sit on a UN leadership committee trying to combat sexual abuse.

“The human race wouldn't have survived if we couldn't survive trauma,” said Caroline Roemmele who supervises some of the men's counselling.

Die ältesten tamilischen Gemeinschaften leben im südindischen Bundesstaat Tamil Nadu und im Norden Sri Lankas. Sie adaptierten ferner die Modelle dynastischer Nachfolge der nordindischen Reiche wie z. Ursprünglich waren die Pallavas Buddhisten, konvertierten aber später zum Hinduismus und förderten als solche die Bhakti-Bewegung, um den wachsenden Einflüssen von Buddhismus und Jainismus entgegenzuwirken.

The men agreed to tell their stories to the Associated Press and to have the extensive scars on their legs, chests and backs photographed in July and August.

The AP reviewed 30 medical and psychological evaluations and conducted interviews with 20 men.

Raped, branded and beaten, he is one of more than 50 men who say they were abducted and tortured under Sri Lanka's current government.

“The levels of sexual abuse being perpetuated in Sri Lanka by authorities are the most egregious and perverted that I've ever seen.” Sri Lanka has so far failed to investigate war crimes allegations stemming from its 26-year civil war.

Sri Lanka's current government was elected in 2015.

Many had hoped the new leadership would bring long promised reforms.

Homosexuality is illegal in Sri Lanka and rape carries a significant social stigma.

Witness #205 said he was held for 21 days in a small room where he was raped 12 times, burned with cigarettes, beaten with iron rods and hung upside- down.