The 2016 cap reform accommodating wto pressures

The Dutch government do not say they want their farmers to pay tariffs or stop supplying us with all that market garden produce and all those flowers.The German government has been noisier about how the UK must not gain from leaving, but has fallen short of saying a 10% tariff on cars is a good idea.

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They have invented something called soft and hard Brexit and have gone on and on trying to find weaknesses in the UK government position, and trying to shift the negotiating aims.

Youth interests must be included in public policy decision-making, and this requires greater input from young people themselves.

Recognising that young people have a positive contribution to make to society, we support representation from young people at all levels of Government.

Why did the EU want to delay, and want to propose changes to a sensible arrangement?

I have never thought the EU would end up forcing UK pensioners out of their homes on the Costa Brava, so why not say so immediately?