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If Romania was the first foreign country I stepped foot in at the age of 26, I have no doubt I’d have sex with dozens of mediocre Romanian women, but now I’m 34 with high standards, so I had to work.One interesting thing I noticed is that if a Romanian girl really likes you, regardless of her attractiveness level, she will suggest a meetup and ask for your number.Romania has a very Latinized feel, with tanned people and dark hair.It had a similar vibe to Colombia, though with less poverty and crime.Eye color is mostly hazelnut, and sometimes you can pick out individual green and brown hues.Many have dark green eyes, along with the guys, which go very well with their dark complexion.In the conversations I got into with them, they were asking me personal questions right off the bat.I can understand why many guys would therefore say Romania is easy because your average girl there thinks a foreign man is a great catch, but when you get into the 8 range, your foreigner status barely gets your foot in the door and you’ll need to bring in other game strategems.

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Their culture involves begging and stealing instead of working, so they are universally looked down upon.People say you shouldn’t joke about gypsies, but as long as you are insulting them, Romanians won’t mind. They are not pale like girls in Poland, Ukraine, or Scandinavia.Their hair is mostly dark, so any blondes you see are likely to be fake (though there are natural light brunettes).The English should open the door rather quickly, and if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t waste any time. If you meet a girl in a club before 2am, try for a compliance test about 10 minutes in to see if you should continue (e.g., ask her to come to the bar with you or to sit down for a few minutes).If she declines, and she probably will because of her friends, then wrap up the conversation and go for the number. I found that it takes very little to get a number that leads to a date.