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Rumi Network is dedicated to Rumi, the brilliant and radical Persian poet, mystic and philosopher of the 13th Century.

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Thanks for developing your gift into such a set of skills and for combining the art with the consciousness and sharing it with the world.They are also available in two groundbreaking music albums "Join Shahram Shiva, Join Shahram Shiva, the renowned Rumi expert, author, recording artist and teacher of advanced spirituality for an empowering and potentially life transforming event.Shiva is one the original translators and popularizers of Rumi.And as usual, they're sportin' a ass pocket of infectious odes to sex, weed, booze and, um, skateboarding -- all served with fuzzed-out guitars, ramshackle drums and a heap of lo-fi Blues Explosion bombast. – TORONTO SUN Armed with big, buzzing guitars, relentless drums and threats to "smoke napalm with the bamboo skins," it's a fun, wild ride, and according to singer and guitarist Freddie J IV, it was just as pleasant to write. Highlights of the album are…everything…especially Juice To Get Loose (check out some of that Indiana beer that is mentioned), Paralyze Ya, and Electrify."The core group of songs on this record were written at soundchecks during a nine-month period of touring the U. It’s a class act and is most definitely going to rank high on the year end list that is quickly filling as we head into the final quarter of the year. – The RIPPLE EFFECT Their new album Rock Them Back To Hell delivers dangerous raucous rock with a mix of steel belt machinery and southern hard liquor.