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If so, I'll need to someone from this thread to try it with one of the dvd's they've had problems with to see if it works then.

I have a DVD here that contained a video that was shot and burned by us.

To rip a DVD, place the disc in your drive and click the “Open” button in the K9Copy menu bar.

Unless you want to do more complicated remastering of the disc’s contents, select the check box next to the disc’s root in the tree view window and click the “Copy” button in the menu bar.

You can always come back and use ddrescue later if you experience problems. Note: If k9copy is available but k9copy assistant is not, run k9copy then click ‘Wizard’.

However, you will not do any harm using ddrescue if you don’t need it, you will only add time to the process. Specify the source location for your DVD extraction.

(If they are already installed the following command will not harm anything so you might as well execute it if you are not sure.) Configure K9Copy…

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Below is a guide to get you started using Brasero (the CD/DVD burning application included with Ubuntu) and an application called K9Copy, which is similar to the once popular program DVD Shrink for Windows.We wanted to upload it to You Tube as well as send a copy to a friend, but have since lost the original digital file.Fortunately there’s a fairly easy way to rip the DVD back to an avi file (which is accepted by You Tube) by using k9copy.The end-result though is a good quality DVD for your use. What an enormous shame, it was the only thing that really worked! I avoid the terminal in instructions, unless it's easier or necessary.I would like to suggest that you could probably run k9copy in an Ubuntu 12.04 VM. My instructions will work within the Ubuntu system, instead of breaking or subverting it. Scanning dependencies of target k9copy [ 63%] Building CXX object CMake Files/k9copy.dir/k9copy_automoc.o In file included from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/../src/import/k9chapteredit.h:18:0, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/moc_k9chapteredit.cpp:9, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/k9copy_automoc.cpp:15: /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/../src/import/k9avidecode.h:: error: AVFormat Parameters has not been declared typedef int (*av_open_input_file_t)(AVFormat Context **, const char *, AVInput Format *,int, AVFormat Parameters *); ^ In file included from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/src/mpeg2/kdecmpeg2.h:24:0, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/src/mpeg2/k9decodethread.h:20, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/src/mpeg2/k9plaympeg2.h:24, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/../src/main/k9cropselect.h:33, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/moc_k9cropselect.cpp:9, from /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build/k9copy_automoc.cpp:41: /home/dave/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/src/mplayer/k9internalplayer.h:17:7: warning: class k9Internal Player has virtual functions and accessible non-virtual destructor [-Wnon-virtual-dtor] class k9Internal Player { ^ make[2]: *** [CMake Files/k9copy.dir/k9copy_automoc.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [CMake Files/k9copy.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2 [email protected]:~/Downloads/k9copy-2.3.8-Source/build$Obviously "AVFormat Parameters" is supposed to be from some header somewhere, but I haven't found it. If I can get it built against the 14.04 libs, etc., then I'll try it out to see if it works.