Wang zi and gui gui dating

He can talk to them and they understand him, and eventually...See full summary » This cheesy highly 70's Hong Kong feature immediately gives you the impression that you're going to regret watching it.This film had a serious divestment problem because the director rejected the investor's request to alter the script.At last the director had to use his own money to finish the film. However, the film earned a good reputation after the premiere and drew many fans in a very short period of time.So even if the animation is not as detailed/fluid as the state-of-the-art Hollywood fare, you might still be able to enjoy how differently the developer of this film, October Animation Studio, chose to animate Chinese characters and landscapes.... making animators study rehearsing actors like in "Only Yesterday" (1991)-- and manipulating space and perspective as deliberately as Chinese ink-paintings, this film accomplishes (in 3D, no less) the cinematic sweep and kinetic camera-work from kung-fu fantasy classics likes "Swordsman" (1990) and makes the likes of "Kung Fu Panda"(2008) look "cartoonish" by comparison. B.(or BACKGROUND): More than 400 years ago, "Journey To The West" hit publishing houses in China (oldest existing print, 1592) and has never been out-of-print since-- but with all the spins-off and sequels that have been written/published throughout the centuries, not one of them has been a "true" successor worthy of re-reading or analysis.But pretty moving pictures aside, now that I've established that this film is perfectly "watchable", what's the real story here? Then some 50 years ago, with the advent of film technology, the animated film "Uproar In Heaven" (1965) hit the cinemas and showed audiences all the fantastical action and imagery described in the first major action set-pieces of "Journey To the West", such as the classic "transformation duel/pursuit" between the 3-Eyed God and the Monkey King-- and for decades, sealed the on-screen character of the Monkey King as an irrepressible rogue with a child-like sense of wonder/humor.

But for the previous 2 generations of Chinese film audiences with memories of "Uproar In Heaven" (1965) and "A Chinese Odyssey" (1995)-- who have all but given up ever seeing the "true" Monkey King again (much less in 3D)-- this film is like a long-lost dream coming true....

This is a film I'd happily see a western remake of as the concept is a lot of fun.

A bit of a higher budget to overcome the terrible 70's sfx and maybe make it either R rated or more tongue in cheek (This one doesn't know what it wants to be) Better yet here's an idea The Oily Maniac vs The Greasy Strangler Can you smell the potential?

See full summary » In 1988, the three Mojin(tomb raider), Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan, and Shirley Yang, retires and relocates to New York.

While Bayi and Shirley have become romantically involved and Kaixuan feels...