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Adams is back in gaming with the release of The Inheritance, which he describes as interactive fiction, or a text adventure game with sound effects. Youre put into an environment; you tell me what to do.

I host an alternative support group on Yahoo groups.

To all my EQ2 guildmates, sorry for my divided loyalties the last few months, but at least LOTR has made me appreciate EQ2 all the more!

Ive been reading this great book (Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Microcomputer Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution) about the rise of the TRS-80 and the people that made it happen.

Auto -face target, group invis, group evacuation, pressing WWWWWW while in chat mode and having it go out in chat, no HQ quests.

There is allot I like about LOTR (graphics are still awesome as is the LOTR storyline) and since I have lifetime accounts I am by no means quitting. Just for now I will be playing EQ2 allot more and LOTR a lot less!

Only 4 levels of membership and very little control over much about each level's rights.

For example in the books no one ever died and was resurrected (No Gandalf doesn't count and did he really die anyway? Right now LOTR Online is the number one PC game in the US and Europe and for very good reason.

This will not occur probably until sometime in the fall as I plan to spend a lot of time beta testing and retuning before the rerelease.

A great podcast on my first classic game Adventureland.

I also find their present-day adventures intriguing.

In this new age of instant communication, friends become fans, games become teachers, and then we all become next door neighbors.