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Some applauded the government move, urging the authorities to close more similar accounts, as well as those dedicated to marketing celebrities.The coverage of celebrities on Weibo has led to less attention paid to serious social issues on the social media platform, they said.

But a Chinese colleague assured Ms James that the original Chinese used – “hei laowai” – was a neutral phrase. It found that in some sentences the phrase “black foreigner” was translated neutrally, but when the phrase was used in a negative context, the app translated it into the N-word. "We're very sorry for the inappropriate translation”, a spokesperson told Sixth Tone.Total remittances made to the Philippines reached US billion last year, second behind the US billion sent to mainland China, according to the World Bank.Cross-border money transfer has been a major focus for Tencent to further develop We Chat, which had 963 million monthly active users as of June 30.In fact, Weibo’s shift of focus from serious social issues to lighthearted entertainment content is often cited as a reason for its growing popularity and financial success.At US.2 billion, China’s answer to Twitter now has a bigger market capitalisation on the Nasdaq than Twitter, which stands at US.8 billion.