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Unlike her millionaire peers in lawn tennis (the official name for the game played at Wimbledon, which was developed from Real Tennis in the 19th century), her biggest winner’s cheque has been merely ‘a couple of grand’.Contrast: In stark contrast to Andy Murray, Claire has to buy all of her own clothes and shoes, with her only sponsorship deal covering nothing more than the cost of the standardised, bendy wooden rackets that she uses It does indeed seem unfair.The complicated rules involve a ‘chase’ — by which players gain or lose the ‘Service Side’.Play a few times and that gobbledygook starts to make perfect sense.

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Even Claire’s forthcoming marriage to Robert Fahey, the Australian men’s world champ, has attracted barely a flicker of gossip column interest — despite the fact it’ll make them the Real Tennis equivalent of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.On a closed film set in Cardiff, amid tight security, a 78-year-old actress with a celebrated past and the ghost of her once great beauty hovering in her dark eyes steps before the camera.Claire Bloom has been a star for 57 years, since Charlie Chaplin chose her to be his leading lady when she was just 21.Eddie was addicted to cards and lost so many jobs they were forced to move house constantly.When Claire was 16, he emigrated, divorced Elizabeth and remarried. Five years later, by which time Claire had become a star, Eddie returned to London with his new wife and came to visit her. 'Recoiling as though I had seen a cobra, I said that I had no stepmother, as my own mother was still alive.